About The GRAND Place

The GRAND Place is an exclusive location with a half-hectare area for weddings, banquets, corporate and family events on the banks of the majestic Dnieper.

There were involved well-known professionals with many years of experience in the field of architecture, design, restaurant and event business to create this modular space. The location is focused on absolute comfort both in the work of the organizers, and for the rest of the guests of the establishment.

Nuances, over which it was necessary to "puzzle" earlier, become irrelevant. The project team conducted a large-scale study and took into account the most frequent difficulties encountered by the client in the process of organizing the event. The GRAND Place is equipped with the necessary equipment, which meets the high technical requirements and allows to implement the concept of the event without any restrictions.

Inspired by the playful mood of Italy, the French charm of sunny Provence and the freshness of the sea of Santorini, the designers of The GRAND Place used light colors, modern chrome details, lightweight glass structures for decoration. They created accents in the form of luxurious crystal chandeliers and panoramic windows, complementing the atmosphere with exquisite Italian furniture and expensive textiles.

The possibilities of The GRAND Place amaze the imagination and pleasantly please the wallet, because very much of what was previously delivered to the site is now available.

«The location is focused on absolute comfort both in the work of the organizers and for the rest of the guests»

Complex advantages


At your service is a snow-white banquet hall with an area of 400 square meters. In it for stylishly served tables on soft chairs comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests. If your event is not so large, then the hall, if desired, can be divided into several zones, for example: a lounge-zone, a bar and a banquet. For the convenience of the room is equipped with air conditioning and under floor heating.


The room has all the necessary light, sound, several scenes for an unforgettable show, six pendant farms for the realization of a wide variety of ideas, 6 plasma screens, so that your guests will not miss anything important, as well as unlimited power, so that you are not in anything yourself limited. All the wires and communications are hidden, so nothing will prevent you from making beautiful photos for memory.


After leaving the hall, you will find yourself on a beautiful terrace (150 sq. m.), from which a magnificent view opens over the green lawns, the shore and the waters of the Dnieper. This is another location where your guests can relax, socialize and enjoy fresh air.


For the ceremony, we have prepared several sites to choose. The main, of course, location on the pontoon on the water area of 50 square meters, which can moor the yacht. In case you choose one of the green lawns for the ceremony, we have prepared special decking and white garden chairs.

  • fully equipped professional kitchen with all necessary modern appliances and utensils;
  • 5 hotel rooms, including honeymoon suites;
  • 2 two-story dressing rooms;
  • Many additional bonuses that will underline the high status of your event.