The GRAND Place - the new name of the most picturesque location in Kiev!

We became more loyal and radically changed the price policy for all services of the complex!

As before, the policy of our complex will be focused on the absolute comfort and pleasure of the guests, as well as on providing all the amenities in the work of professionals holiday creating.

We are entering a hot season, to which there are a few days off, and free dates in the GRAND Place schedule are even smaller.

One of the most picturesque locations in Kiev provides even more technical opportunities for carrying out incredible events, cool bonuses for the inventors and pleasant surprises for the guests.

We are ready to discuss any of your wishes!

We are waiting for you on a visit to the fragrant coffee and a warm conversation on the banks of the Dnieper in the GRAND Place.

Call me (067) 963-90-98


Being in the city of Kiev, the new location allows you not to waste valuable time on additional logistics, while providing you with absolute privacy and peace.

In The GRAND Place you will enjoy the enchanting sunsets and will meet unforgettable sunrises, you will be comfortable in summer and cozy in winter! The complex The GRAND Place gives birth to the best emotions and memories!

«The nuances on which we had
«To puzzle» earlier, here they become
not of current interest».